Greifer Steel

Manufacturers CC

Specialising in grabs, steel fabrication, welding & sheetmetal work



The grabs are assembled locally in our fully-fitted workshop and have the following features:



approx. 230kg


6mm thick Domex plates, imported from Sweden


Maintenance, service and refurbishments of grabs is available on request.
Conditions applicable for sales of grabs:
A six-month guarantee applies to all functioning / workable parts of the goods supplied.
Any defect in product material will be covered in full by the guarantee.
The guarantee offered on the goods referred to herein will immediately lapse in the event of:
  • Negligent operation of the product being the cause of damage to the product.

  • Removal of any parts from the product by anyone other than an employee of Greifer Steel Manufacturers CC.

  • Repairs being performed to the product by anyone other than an employee of Greifer Steel Manufacturers CC.

All spare parts for grabs manufactured are on hand and readily available from Greifer Steel Manufacturers CC.

All guarantee claims are to be directed to Heiko Sommer on +27 82 492 9709.
Guarantee does not cover wear and tear on any consumable parts of the goods supplied, such as the paintwork and rubbers.
For further information please refer to our Contact us page.